My Quarantine Checklist:

Who else is absolutely losing it being stuck in the house? I was definitely a homebody before all of this COVID-19 madness. I spent most of my time in the house anyway but there is definitely a huge difference in choosing to stay in the house and being…. forced… to stay in the house. All I know is after all of this I better get an invite to every Birthday Party, Baby Shower, BBQ, House Party, Pool Party, Holiday Event… EVERYTHING. I promise I’ll RSVP & actually show up now!

I wanted to share some things that could keep you busy while you are stuck in the house just like me. I tried to make a good balance of things to choose from. Some tasks are productive, constructive, and help with your own personal growth. Other tasks may just be for fun or to help you keep your cool with all the madness going on! I hope whichever ones you choose to try they help you. Remember: Stay safe, stay clean, and stay healthy!

1. Ditch Old Habits, Gain Better Habits:

I know, I know… easier said than done. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit & about the same amount of time to create a new and better one! This could be as simple as getting done with laundry or tasks you always put off (speaking for myself). This could also be something like spending the first hour of your day doing a morning routine instead of getting on your phone. Simple things can make big changes.

2. Start a Prayer/ Thankful Journal:

During these uncertain times there are two types of people… the people that are more thankful for being in good health and being blessed with another 24 hours and the people who are wondering where God is. I’m among the people that have been more thankful during this time. Although I have not started writing it in a journal or notepad I think that is a good practice. I normally just make sure the FIRST & LAST thing I do each day is thank God for me and my family being healthy during this time. I also pray for the people who may be struggling during these very uncertain times. This is a great way to fill your day & sprinkle in a little more positivity into your life.

3. Deep Clean Your Home:

Raise your hand if you have put off home projects because you are always so busy… it’s OK, Me too!! This is a perfect time to do them. The good thing is you don’t have to think about tackling them all at once. You can break it down in pieces and spread it over hours and days to fill your time. I’ve been trying to do little things around my house every day. Think about things you always say “I’ll get to it eventually” and make the conscious effort to work on them now!

4. Start New Projects:

This can be a home project, an art project, an organization project… whatever you can think of! This can be painting a wall in your house, designing something new, taking down old decor and starting new, letting your children do a new painting activity, the list goes on and on. If you are anything like me and live on Pinterest there are SO many cool ideas!

5. Look for New Sources of Income:

This is probably by far my most favorite thing to do in any free time I have. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’m always thinking of new sources of income or what I can do to generate more revenue. As much as I love the security of having a job, I know that that’s not all that I will do in my life. I like to spend time looking for ways to turn the things I am interested in, into profit. Regardless of if you start the journey to the new stream of revenue right now, it’s never too early to start researching and learning important things about that new arena.

6. Purge Your Device:

Am I the only one that has years and years worth of stuff I will never need on my phone?? I don’t know, it’s something about one little thing being able to hold so much that gives me security. Every few months I purge my phone numbers, and texts but as far emails, pictures, videos, apps go…. I never get rid of them. Spend a little bit of your free time going through and finally letting go of things you absolutely do not need!

7. Make Budget Calendar:

I’m going to be kind of vague with my explanation of this because I actually am working on another blog post with helpful tips about budgeting which I will be posting soon. You can start by just looking at your monthly income, your monthly bills, prioritize and make good decisions when it comes to your money. I can’t wait to share more soon!

8. Make New Recipe:

Like I said before, I am borderline addicted to Pinterest. I know I’m not the only one who has a board full of food recipes I’ve never even tried to make…. Well now is the perfect time. The store is one of the few essential places that is still open. Go grab the ingredients you need and start making something new! It may be a lot more fun… and DELICIOUS than you think it will be!

9. Watch Movie or Series You Haven't Had Time To Watch:

I have two extremes, not watching TV at all or finding a show I really like and binge watching the whole thing. Either way, I’ve been able to get through a lot more series and shows than I ever would before. Maybe I’ll make a blog post on some of my favorite binge worthy shows and series!

10. Take Extra Time to Bond With Family:

Last but not least. Honestly this is probably the most important. During these times, hold your loved ones a little closer. I know how nerve wrecking it is to be stuck in the house for days and weeks. Take this time to show love to the people around you more. Spend some time disconnected from the outside world, sitting down having dinner, watching a movie, doing an activity. Take time to do all the things that you normally have no time for after a long day of work or school. Be a little more compassionate and understanding.

I hope all of these things help you get through these crazy times. I’m praying for all of you!

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