Music that MOTIVATES

I decided (as I am sitting here listening to music) that my first blog post should be something fun, easy, and easy to relate to. Honestly, who doesn't love music?

I am gonna share with you all some of my most favorite songs, from Christian to Country.

And BOY... was it hard to narrow this list down.

Links to all the songs are attached. ENJOY!

This song has me convinced I should consider auditioning for the Voice or American Idol. This is a perfect song for a ride, to do homework, or to just relax. H.E.R voice is so calming....literally.

This is just mandatory. Cardi is such a motivator. This is like a song you play on the way to work on a Monday morning or on a Friday night when you are going out. It fits in so many categories it's crazy. Also, congrats to her on her recent Grammy Award. #Queen

Blame it on my own old soul or my parents that just know good music. Either way, this will FOREVER be my jam!

If only you guys knew how many sleepless nights, heartbreaks, and trying times this song got me through. WOW.... you have no idea. I know EVERY SINGLE WORD. Not to mention, one of my favorite praise dances ever. This song definitely brings me back to my faith in tough times!

Does Erykah Badu even need an explanation? She is such a perfect artist. The WHOLE Mama's Gun album will forever be one of my faves so she deserved a spot on the list for sure.

This album came out a year ago and I think some of his lyrics have truly helped me get where I am. The whole Victory Lap album is AMAZING but this is one of the best.

10 years old but I DON'T CARE. I was 11 when this came out and to this day you can still catch me in the car playing my imaginary electric guitar. A CLASSIC.

I'll never forget, once somebody told me all Gospel Music was quiet and sad. I DISAGREE STRONGLY. This song is lively and upbeat from the very beginning. Not to mention it has an amazing message. I love it.

This is honestly my mood at least 3 out of the 7 days of the week. I am like the perfect mix of social butterfly and secluded minimalist. Sometimes I like being everywhere and doing everything on all social media and speaking to people and sometimes I enjoy the presence of only myself and my thoughts with my phone nowhere near. It's sometimes hard to tell with me.

"I'll probably self destruct if I ever lose, but I never do!" -Drake

I will stop there because I could literally go on ALL DAY about my favorite music. I love so many different genres and artists. Maybe one day I'll share with you all one of my most favorite playlists (which has not yet been constructed).

Thanks for reading!

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