Life is BETTER with a BESTfriend

In life I have realized friends come and go and seem to change like the seasons. I have been blessed to have had the same person by my side for the last 10+ years. Mya Thompson is my bestfriend and she is the epitome of a selfless, encouraging, loving, caring, and fun human being. I definitely have the BEST bestfriend in the world. My biggest advice I have for friendships is it may not always be easy but no matter what you must always have love and loyalty. People have such high expectations for people they are friends with, they often want everything right all of the time. People see depictions of perfect friendships on the internet and they think that’s how it always has to be. In reality, nothing about friendship is perfect. In Mya’s and I’s friendship we have had plenty of arguments, disagreements and differences. The thing is, we never gave up on each other or our friendship. So, I think what I’m trying to say is, it won’t always be perfect but it will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be worth it. I know when I’m to my very end and have nothing or no one left Mya will always be there. The appreciation I have for her is out of this world. Without her constant encouragement, love and help there is no telling where I would be. She understands me, cares about me, and truly wants the best for me as I do for her. This is the definition of a true friendship. Now, enjoy a few pictures from her birthday dinner last night!

Add Mya and don't forget to tell her Happy Birthday before the day is over!

Facebook: Mya Thompson - Instagram: @_vernel

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