It’s a Balancing Act!

How to: balancing being a business owner, entrepreneur, student, working individual, and MORE!

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Today I wanna share my daily-weekly school, work, and business routine, I also want to share my tips for staying on a schedule and tips for those weeks where you fall off schedule.

First of all, let me say. I’m not a good schedule follower. I bounce back and forth from all the things I have going on constantly. I might be designing materials and on the phone with a customer scheduling a shoot, sometimes I’m watching videos for my homework while editing pictures, etc. The list goes on and on. So I’ll keep this short, simple and to the point.

Thankfully I have the financial flexibility to work part time, but even working part time and being a part time student. Still, my Monday through Friday schedule is busy with class, work, orders, photoshoots, and still making time for customer engagement!

The main thing I do to stay on track and not fall behind or get overwhelmed with things is I set new goals for myself. I might tell a customer, “your order will be ready in 5-7 days” but set a personal goal for myself to get it done 2-3 days. Therefore I get it done earlier and can please the customer with efficient timing. I started doing this with bills a little over a year ago and since then I’ve never missed a payment or paid late on any of my bills! If I get a bill in the mail for instance and it says a due date (normally 3-4 weeks away) I mark out the date they put & write in marker a date 2-3 weeks ahead of the actual due date. This is not a finance blog so I don’t want to turn it in to that because that is coming soon. Basically what i’m getting at is, set early goals for yourself so if you miss the mark you still have extra time to fall back on! So that either way you get things taken care of as they should be!

Tip number two! Delegate. Delegate. Delegate. I know at times I can be a control freak. I want things to be done in a certain way all of the time. With all that I have going on, I had to stop focusing on all tiny details. Don’t get me wrong I still edit every picture I take and hand create everything that I make but when it comes a time where I need a ton of invoices written and emailed to customers, plus I have homework, and my house needs cleaned.... that can make for one really stressful night. I had to learn to start letting other people help me where they could. Big thank you to my bookkeeper/ editor / designer / customer contact: Kianna. Follow her on her instagram @playathomemama, where she shares tons of tips and tricks for moms! When you have someone helping you it really changes the game!

Last tip i’ll share is determine importance of tasks. I know all tasks are important and all deadlines have to be met but sometimes you have to push a few things back and handle other things right now. I’m queen of doing this. I make lists every morning of the things I need to complete in the day. Now just by force of habit I list them mentally in order of most important to least important but before I did that I would just write everything and then number them 1-whatever. The problem with that was after about #5 I wouldn’t care about the list LOL. The way I see it and list it now is much better because I see everything I really need to get done and now the list has turned into a list of urgency and not importance.

I’m gonna end out this blog post here! Feel free to message me here on my website or on any of my socials if you need any further tips or practices to try or if you just need some inspiration on ways to get better at balancing it all.

Always remember, if it’s not done today it will still be there tomorrow. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Love Always, Jordan!

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