Couponing: a guide to make your shopping go smoother!

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Let me start out by saying, I’m no grade A super elite couponer or anything like that. I don’t have some huge prize winning stockpile. I am just a regular shopper that likes to save a little bit of extra money. I wanted to get into actual couponing but I realized it’s hard, it takes a lot of time and hours and hours of effort. You and I both know, I don’t have that type of time. So, I just have a few easy hacks and tricks to share that might help you save a couple extra dollars when you go shopping!

I started being interested in all of these money saving hacks about 3 years ago when I started college. It’s NO JOKE being a broke college student. I was used to always having groceries so I knew I had to do something about it, QUICK. The notes, tips, and hacks I’ve found do normally take me 4-5 hours in total to make lists and go to stores. That plus bringing all the stuff home and putting it away can sometimes make shopping a whole day ordeal. But trust me, when you are saving $40-$50 at each store it makes it so much more worth it. There has been plenty of times that I’ve spent hours grocery shopping, got home put it all away and then went out to eat just because I had the extra money to do it LOL. I truly believe that if you spend the time, you will save money!

First I will tell you about my store preferences and reasoning! Every time I go shopping I have to go to 3+ stores to get the best prices! This is part of the reason in by it takes me a few hours. Below are my different stores I shop at and why I go to separate ones!

Walmart: of course a classic, but part of the reason I go to so many different stores is because Walmart doesn’t ALWAYS have the best prices. When I first started doing this I shopped at a WM that did price match other stores. That made it a little easier. Most Walmart’s don’t price match though. If they don’t price match you should NOT get everything from WM.

Target: Let’s just be honest. Good deals at Target are few and far between but when you do find them.... that’s a game changer! One of my fave places for home decor, stationary, and sometimes even cute clothing finds!

Dillons: I normally get items that have special pricing. They always have promotional deals going on such as “buy 5 save 5” and good pricing if you enter your number at checkout. Only thing is it’s constantly changing. I’ve noticed somewhat of an algorithm to how they do their pricing and specials and that has helped me a ton when I shop. You just have to pay special attention to the things you buy and the times they are put on sale!

Dollar General: Somewhat of a hidden delicacy. It’s been SO LONG since I paid full price for an item at DG. Honestly, ever since they implemented their app and coupon services I love their store! You can always get lots of great deals. I haven’t paid full price for laundry soap, wax melts, toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex or anything for MONTHS. I honestly would never look back.

Aldi: Please don’t even get me started on how much I love Aldi. Anytime I’m trying to improve my eating at an affordable price I always go to Aldi. Although some of their things are “off brand” normally everything is super good and flavorful. Some things I buy I actually PREFER from Aldi. Not to mention they always have special pricing on their produce which is good to go in line with healthy eating.

Sam's Club: Since right now it’s only me and my girlfriend I only get things from Sam’s that can’t go bad! Produce, Dairy, and Meat is often hard for me to get from Sam’s if I don’t have an event going on. Those big portions being in my house normally go bad, but would work great for bigger families. A few things I love to get from sam’s are snacks, salad dressing, sauces, water and other bottled drinks.

There are plenty more stores I love but those are just the few that I frequent and why I choose to go to so many different stores. I truly believe I get the best deal out of every store.

Next I want to tell you some of my favorite money saving apps.

RetailMeNot: Let’s just start with ol’reliable. I’ve had this app for literally like 5 years. It works really good to see special pricing on all types of different items. When stores have any type of special sale this app is guaranteed to have it listed and it also will clarify if the deal is for Online, In Store or Both!

Flipp: This is my main grocery shopping app. A big part of my overall shopping is making sure that I can get the best deal at each store. On the Flipp app you can type in any item, “Apples” for instance, and it will show you the prices at different stores! Normally I write out all my produce first and see if any stores have special pricing currently going on.

DG (Dollar General): Like I said, a hidden delicacy. It’s simple to sign up for this app and FREE. They always have over 100 current coupons for items and they are always changing but they normally have one or more than one of just about every item on sale. For instance this week it may be Febreze and Gain, next week it may be Downy and Tide. There is definitely always a lot to choose from!

Beyond all of these apps I have apps for every store I shop at regularly that way I can check prices at that specific store in the moment.

Going into my shopping trip I know just about the exact price I will pay at each store almost down to the penny and unless I choose to get a candy bar or gum while I'm checking out i’m almost always right.

Though this is a tedious process it keeps my monthly grocery bill down to about $150-$200 for the WHOLE month. When I’m super diligent about it month to month it can be even less than that! I am always working to get my budget and monthly bills down. Currently if I spend $200 a month on groceries that’s about $50 a week, meaning about $7.15 a day. My GOAL is to get it down to about $5 a day (give or take) to begin saving for bigger things like purchasing our house!

As I learn more I will continue to share more with you all. Follow my personal Instagram (@_jordandenise) for more updates on my life! c8affddcd918d859e31959b634c7edd658def5a728049bc5a5

Thanks for reading!

Love always, Jordan!

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