5 Ways to STAY MOTIVATED in a BUSY life!

Have you ever had so much going on that instead of doing it all... you decide to nap instead. That’s definitely me. All my family and friends know me as the “Queen of Naps”. I don’t care if it’s 15 min or 4 hours, I will take full opportunity to nap at anytime. That’s probably why I’m up at midnight writing this blog right now. I have slowly realized though building a business or a brand or even just going through regular adult life it gets harder and harder to fit naps into the schedule. I just wanted to write a blog about some of my own personal methods to keep me motivated and working hard throughout the week. (Alternate Name for this blog; How To Get Over HUMPDay only I wanted to post it this weekend so....). I hope this gives you all some motivation this week to keep working hard & keep hustling!

1. praise even the little accomplishments;

I am #1 at awarding myself for little accomplishments, this is me... “I woke up for work early and I’m not running late, I think I deserve Starbucks” “This is my only day off today, I think I’ll shop and get a medi & pedi because I deserve it” “I did one piece of homework, let me take a 3 hour break”. I have always done this and been super easy on myself because I am truly a growing person and I can’t expect to be perfect all the time. Praising yourself for the small things really does make bigger and better happen. The personal goals you set for yourself are just that, PERSONAL. You have to learn to appreciate where you are at just as much as where you are going!

2. appreciate the times of work and rest;

I saw a meme that said “I will never feel bad for calling into work to protect my mental health” and I FELT THAT. Anyone who knows me knows, I am not afraid to work, I have ALWAYS had a job and most of the time two. I will work day in and day out but please believe the moment I am questioning my mental health or how this job is playing role in my emotions if it is not good, I will not stay. That’s a little different when you are running your own business, you can’t just give up every time you get frustrated and you also can’t pass the work off to someone else. You have to keep pushing and working until whatever project you are on is at the peak of the perfection you want it to be. That’s why this second step is so important to me. You must learn to appreciate and discern the difference between time to work and time to rest. Don’t run your business into the ground by moving to fast and doing too much. Use your time of work to work and accomplish tasks and goals and use your time of rest to chill, enjoy life and the things around you!

3. clear your mind of competition;

A youtuber that I watch said in a vlog that he doesn’t follow celebrities for a specific reason, because he doesn’t want someone that he sees on social media to set the tone for what he thinks he needs to get out of life. That stuck with me because that is so true. We can get so caught up in what he, she, or they are doing, in regards to relationships, family life, traveling, clothing, shoes, etc. To be motivated in YOUR daily life you truly have to clear your mind of the idea that someone is doing better than you because of what they portray on social media. Truth is we have no clue what kind of strings are being pulled behind the next persons curtains. Just focus on you, your dreams, your goals, your vision, and your ambition!

4. know that it’s now or never;

Even though I hate saying this term I had to add it. I just want to tell everyone DON’T WAIT. My pastor said, “Don’t live and “when and then” lifestyle.” Always thinking, when this happens, then I will do this. Such as, “when I have more money, then I’m going to start my business”. If you live with this mindset, no time will ever be the right time. Trust me.

5. get rid of the microwave mindset;

For the people that are still reading this far this last tip is for you. I can already tell you don’t have a microwave mindset when it comes to learning new information. Just apply that to the goals in your life. A podcast I was listening to said, “too many millennial people are so busy trying to make it happen FAST, they can’t make it happen EFFICIENT." Don’t get so caught up in trying to accomplish things fast, that’s not what people want. Don’t hold yourself to unrealistic standards and deadlines just to end up disappointed. Everything that is supposed to happen will happen. Just like putting a cake in the oven, you can’t pull it out a few minutes later and expect it to be cooked through and through. Apply this same idea to your life, be patient and everything will happen accordingly.

As always, Thanks for Reading and Good Luck on your Journey!

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